Several activities are conducted for our students so that they gain their confidence and are ready to face the competition ahead of them. We make sure that students get the utmost experience from us so that they can work in the industrial environment without many hurdles.

We make our students take industrial visits to various industries which is considered one of the most strategic methods of training. It provides students an opportunity to learn practically through communication, working methods and employment practices. It is being made compulsory for students during summer vacations. This not only helps the students in acquiring knowledge about new technologies but also acts as an insight into management aspects. Students are expected to undergo training for a period ranging from 15 days to 1 month in an industry and submit a detailed report for evaluation after completion of their training.  This will help them in getting job opportunities at industries

Students are also required to submit a project work in the final year. Four students form a group and each group is guided by an internal staff. The students are allowed to do the project work in companies also. They are allowed to approach for any sponsored project that has innovative ideas. The students are motivated and competent.

Career guidance for students is an important program to guide the students in an appropriate direction. The Students in rural communities who progress to Higher Education or job are given suitable direction in choosing the best career options.

The students are also guided to attend seminars and other activities benefiting the secure future.

ALUMNI MEET are held every year where passed out students of our institute share their experience in the outside world, which they faced after stepping out of the institute. The meet creates a platform to identify the institute’s most distinguished alumni. Our institute feels proud on seeing its successful alumni. During their meet, the alumni community provided with delicious food and mementos. 

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As per the rules and regulations of the Government and safety of our students, teachers and co-workers from the deadly disease Coronavirus (COVID-19), the institute is temporarily closed!



T.S.P.T.I. is dedicated to achieve all round development and growth for the society through technical education as well as overall skill development in various fields such as vocational courses, sports, cultural activity, health camps, and scholarship programmes.