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Director's Message

I welcome all the young minds who chose to be a part of this ideal Institute!

I am pleased to say that today, T.S.P.T.I. is a wonderful organization having a conducive atmosphere as well as advanced style of teaching to fulfill the mission of education in diploma as well as vocational fields. Our main vision is to support the students in discovering their hidden potential in a healthy environment. 

Our main motto is to impart our students with high quality value based education in various disciplines providing an ideal launching pad for exploring new frontiers of innovation.

I wish the best for the all the students and the members of the institute who determinedly aim at providing students a successful and rewarding career, the best in academic and other curricular fields.




The Surya Polytechnical and Technical Institute (T.S.P.T.I.) provides a unique learning experience and a campus life which is vibrant with techno-cultural activities. Polytechnic courses are ideal for those students who wish to build a career in technical and professional fields. As the focus is more on application-based learning, students are found to be technical sound with essential concepts and systems.

The Surya Polytechnical and Technical Institute (T.S.P.T.I.) provides vocational courses in technical domains, industrial arts as well as applied sciences. It usually offers diploma courses for a total duration of 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the course. It is a great opportunity for those aspiring students who are having Interest in Engineering or Science and Technology. T.S.P.T.I. can be a very good option for you as our institute provides a professional technical course, which is one of the best skill development course that will help you getting a suitable job easily.

Nowadays, industrial work and small-scale businesses are emerging and are in great demand.  Therefore, for students who cannot pursue a diploma or a complete degree of 3 years can study our Industrial Training (ITI) Courses in engineering or non-engineering fields that are being taught in this institute.  There are many benefits of this courses which includes easy employment, early job settlement without studying regularly for 3 years. ITI courses can be studied after 10th and 12th Standard. T.S.P.T.I. offers various ITI courses of 1 year or 2 years.

T.S.P.T.I. prepares students with the latest method of learning industrial practices providing the students an exposure for current industrial practices. With its acknowledged commitment to quality, T.S.P.T.I. has managed to attract an excellent team of qualified faculty members dedicated to teaching the diversified courses delivered in a variety of modes and are also providing the right infrastructure for technical education.

We strongly believe that every student is unique having various inherited qualities and our education system facilitates and probates that uniqueness by nurturing the students in burden free and blissful atmosphere to make them thoughtful, imaginative, creative and productive. We have a flexible curriculum and updated syllabi.

T.S.P.T.I. is well equipped for all these courses and give full knowledge in every field. Therefore, allowing graduates to start working with different companies with the help of this vast knowledge and diploma or ITI certification at a less cost and minimum time duration.

T.S.P.T.I.  aims to deliver multi-disciplinary world class education through effective and efficient processes so as to make it accessible to all the sections of society.


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Notice board

As per the rules and regulations of the Government and safety of our students, teachers and co-workers from the deadly disease Coronavirus (COVID-19), the institute is temporarily closed!



T.S.P.T.I. is dedicated to achieve all round development and growth for the society through technical education as well as overall skill development in various fields such as vocational courses, sports, cultural activity, health camps, and scholarship programmes.